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luuletus.www.ee meeskond :(

Last night I asked an angel to watch over you,
but He came back sooner, than I expeckted.
I asked Him: " Why?"
He said:" An angel does not watch over another angel..."

Hinne: 1.2/10 (149 hinnet )

Aili (09.01.2008)

I love 3 things:
The sun, the moon & you
The sun for the day,
The moon for the night,
And you forever

Hinne: 1.2/10 (149 hinnet )

tundmatu (28.01.2008)

If I could give You one of
I'd give You possibility
to see yourself so,
like others that see,
Than You could see,
how magnificent
You are :-)

Hinne: 7.3/10 (3 hinnet )

Veiko (06.02.2008)

roses are red
violets are blue
and so are you

Hinne: 1.2/10 (148 hinnet )

tundmatu (13.02.2008)

siin lendab leevike,
ta on üpris peenike,
sellest jutust mõne osa,
räägiksin ma mõne veel.

see peenike leevike
istus oksalnatuke veel
ja siis lendas minema
ussikesi püüdma

Hinne: 5.5/10 (8 hinnet )

birgith maria (08.04.2008)

Be mad
As you like
And hurt my feelings
As you like
Break my heart
Make me cry all the tears
Because every thing you do is same
Every thing you do is same
You are like the children my love
We love them what ever they offend to us
Be mad
You are wonderful while you rage
Be mad
Without the waves, there are no oceans
Be stormy be rainy
My heart always forgiving
Be mad
I will never answer with challenge
You are like frivolous child
Full with conceited
And how from her children
The bird retaliate upon
Just go
If one day you felt boring from me
And blame the fate and blame me
But me
Its enough for me the sadness and my tears
Because the silent is pride
And the sadness is pride
Just go
If you are tired from staying
And when you need as a child for my compassion
So just come back to my heart any time you need
Because you are for me the life and breath
You are for me the earth and sky
Be mad, as you like
Go, as you like
And go when you like
Some day you will come back
After you realize what is the faithful

Hinne: 6.5/10 (4 hinnet )

Suviplika (13.04.2008)

Mr. Nice Guy........
You're so nice
I don't know if you'll forgive me
For being so blind
Don't ask me why I couldn't see it
And that'd take me years to figure out
And that's not something I know much about
But there's only one way to find out
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What I know is that I hurt you, oh
What I know is that I suck
And what I know is that I'm sorry
What I know is that I'm a loser, yeah
What I know is I screwed up
And then I never earned your trust
And what I know is that everything I touch
Just turns to dust

Hinne: 4.7/10 (3 hinnet )

Suviplika (13.04.2008)

Last night i asked an angel to watch over you,
but he came back sooner than expected.
i asked him why and he said:
"An angel doesn´t watch over another angel"

Hinne: 1.1/10 (147 hinnet )

lille (07.05.2008)

i was thinking about you last night,
i wanted to feel you on my naked body..
where are you, my stupid night shirt?!

Hinne: 1.1/10 (147 hinnet )

lille (07.05.2008)


lahe luuletus

Hinne: 1.3/10 (3 hinnet )

mina (08.11.2008)

They seize your opportunities
and use your winning bids.
Loss is ever all there is
since days you spent in crib.
They pass you on the ladder
that would take you to the stars.
They're dashing through your life and dreams.
Once here but now they're far.
And you are pushed aside
while just try'n' to live your life.
You'll never have the job you wished;
you'll never be a wife.
Your life does have a point
but the point is to wait.
Never has it been so clear;
it's written in your fate.
They keep you as a standby –
a switching track at hand.
And no-one gives a damn
of what you can or cannot stand!
You're quaking like an aspen leaf,
eating your own lies...
While others do and get and are,
you watch life pass you by.
The train just goes; it can't be forced
to stop or change its course.
Cap in hand, you're grieving for
what was already yours...

Hinne: 7.4/10 (5 hinnet )

sparx (09.11.2008)

Ma unistasin alati kohtusmist sinuga

Hinne: 1.6/10 (5 hinnet )

Birgit Õigemeel (09.11.2008)

Broken angels tend to fall
’cause tears won’t matter all in all...
And every hope you made for him
just fades away, becomes so dim.

Though everyone repeats: it’s fate,
it can’t be so – it feels so fake!
It’s people, willing not to fight.
It’s love that lost its wings while flight.

Hinne: 3.5/10 (2 hinnet )

sparx (16.11.2008)

Kurbus jookseb me pisarates
õhtul kardame pimetust.
Kuuleme sahinat
mis hirmutab meid.
Tihti nuttad sina vist kaa
nagu minagi.
Ei salli me tülisid
liiga õrnad ja nõrgad oleme.
Nuttame päevast päeva
kahju et on tappmine olemas.
Kui sured siis
nuttan kurbusest.

Hinne: 3.6/10 (5 hinnet )

Emili (16.11.2008)

Someone’s hurt and someone’s burning
All comes up because of loving

We will find the way forever
For the lovers of ours hearts

Keeping numb and chasing weather
Of the feelings that we want
Dreaming of the sun forever
If it comes by when we want
Living life and live it better
Than whoever tried before
Chasing moon without the matter
Painting like a crazy moll
Finding life better than ever
Flushing up and down on earth.

Hinne: 1.9/10 (166 hinnet )

Valentin Feklistov (01.03.2009)

When the first time we met,
I fell in love,
You can teach me , can treat,
But you can’t fall my love.

You still trying deny,
But you can’t forget that,
What I’m saying to you,
When my hard is upset,
When you want to know truth,
When we cross this all trough,
And you listening that,
And you still want me too…

Hinne: 1.5/10 (151 hinnet )

Valentin Feklistov (24.05.2009)

Tean et ei ole sulle keegi muu,
kui ainult paljas liha ja luu,
miski ei hoia mind kinni,
Alati ma leian penni.

Suudle mind minu arm,
tean et elu on karm.
see ilu ja sharm,
on ainult elu ja farm

süda valutab ha halb on olla,
kuhugi minna et siis jääda alla,
ma ei saa nii jätkata,
ei jõua edasi matkata.

Mu süda on täis valu ja kurbust,
mu süda on vastu päikest kustund.
nüüd kätte on saabunud tund,
kus kõik lapseb teevad lund.

Hinne: 1.2/10 (149 hinnet )

imre roosipuu (01.09.2009)

Lie to me and we will see,
How close you can bring down on me.

Just try to cheat, just feel the pain,
That comes around the day you pray.

Are you insane, are you in love?
How dare you feel that crazy stuff!?

The love is pain as life is chains,
That doesn't change the things we made...

And through the years, across the pains,
We realize - we learned ours aims.

We see the prize, amaze ours eyes,
And feel we did some out of life...

Hinne: 1.5/10 (154 hinnet )

Valentin Feklistov (09.09.2009)

Cellar door - the way we fall!
Only time can stir the toll...

That could make us feel the things,
Better than its usual stink.

When we want to realize,
Trying to restore the size,
Of the hearts and our souls,
Burying all the matters cause.

When we feel we're not the same,
Nothing could bring us to shame,
Different senses filling mind,
Make us better, make us kind.

All the minuses pass away...
And good things come by again!
We feel fine and much emotions,
Our souls richer than oceans...

Hinne: 1.9/10 (160 hinnet )

Valentin Feklistov (23.09.2009)

The sun never rises too early.
A summer is never too sanny.
A kitten is never too furry.
A story is never too funny.

Hinne: 1.1/10 (147 hinnet )

helena (05.11.2009)

This is my cat,it is name is Bat. This is your dog it's name is Roge. My cat says miaow your dog says woof. Miaow,woof,miaow,woof,miaow.

Hinne: 7.0/10 (3 hinnet )

Mairis (14.11.2009)

Ütle kallis jõuluvana,
kus sa panid näärivana?
Siberisse saatasid vist,
sest ta oli kommunist.

Hinne: 1.5/10 (151 hinnet )

Karl hunt (29.11.2009)

jõuluvana ootad juba,
käes ongi suur püha.
Lapsed ongi kuuse all,
jõulutaati ootavad.

Lõpuks tuli jõulumees,
kingid olid koti sees.
Lapsed juba salmi loevad ,
vanaemad mütsi koovad.

Kui on kingid kätte saadud,
kohe lapsed piiluvad.
Varstitaat läheb ära,
lapsed nutavad ja karjuvad.

Hinne: 5.9/10 (11 hinnet )

merily.. (24.12.2009)

See luuletus on Sulle. Jah, Sa oled selle välja teeninud Vahet pole, millega Ehk koristasid Oma toa ära... Pesid nõud... Said hea hinde koolis... Ütlesid emale,et Armastad teda... Kallistasid kedagi ilma põhjuseta... Armastad ka teisi peale Enda Oskad naerda südamest... Tegid pontule pai... Jah, Sulle... Sulle,sest lugedes neid ridu mõistad ehk, kui ERILINE Sa oled!!!

Hinne: 5.9/10 (7 hinnet )

janar (08.02.2010)

I love you more than ice cream,
Because you're so much warmer.
I love you more than the theater,
Coz you're such a great performer.

I love you more than schoolwork,
Coz you won't make me fail.
I love you more than books,
Coz you tell a whole new tale.

I love you more than teddy bears,
Coz your hugs are filled with love.
I love you more than words can say,
At least, none i can think of.

I wrote this poem just for you,
Coz no one can compete.
You're the bestest ever, dear mum,
That anyone can meet.

Ilusat emadepäeva :3

Hinne: 9.2/10 (22 hinnet )

Agnes lilleleht (07.05.2010)
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