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Tähelepanu !!

Hetkel luuletusi lisada ei saa !! meeskond :(

Last night I asked an angel to watch over you,
but He came back sooner, than I expeckted.
I asked Him: " Why?"
He said:" An angel does not watch over another angel..."

Hinne: 1.2/10 (149 hinnet )

I love 3 things:
The sun, the moon & you
The sun for the day,
The moon for the night,
And you forever

Hinne: 1.2/10 (149 hinnet )

Last night i asked an angel to watch over you,
but he came back sooner than expected.
i asked him why and he said:
"An angel doesn´t watch over another angel"

Hinne: 1.1/10 (147 hinnet )

lille (07.05.2008)

i was thinking about you last night,
i wanted to feel you on my naked body..
where are you, my stupid night shirt?!

Hinne: 1.1/10 (147 hinnet )

All the country are white,
in this magical night.
Cold are everybody`s hand,
when snow is covers the land.

Santa Claus is coming,
children are singing.
Poems are clear in their heads,
on the table smells gingerbread.

Hinne: 8.4/10 (11 hinnet )

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